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Restaurant Menus & More 

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Apparel Designs

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Please view more in Kelly Cox Design’s Portfolio.

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Business Branding

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Private: Restaurant Branding


Together, we will roll up our sleeves and prepare to cook up an abundance of new ideas to transform your restaurant concept into reality. During the discovery phase, we’ll keep the ingredients that work and spice up a brand your guests will crave. Various cohesive materials will be designed to ignite an atmosphere with enjoyable and memorable guest experiences.

In the restaurant industry, it is crucial to establish a brand that completely captivates each and every guest. Restaurants are highly dependent on positive word of mouth advertising to keep patrons coming back time and time again, so multiple advertising and social media channels are utilized to help spread the nourishing experiences. The recipe for your success is combining the perfect dosage of a strong restaurant brand, providing excellent customer service, and serving up delicious dishes.

A well-designed brand mark depicts a professional, established, and well-designed restaurant. Your mark conveys a message to customers that speaks volumes about the quality of your food and the level of your customer service. Upon completion of the discovery, design, and launch phases, you’ll be equipped with a brand manual which will include details about the usage of your brand mark, primary and secondary logos, dimensions and amount of padding (negative space) to obtain around your mark, color palette, typeface pairing, and suggested imagery for advertising.

A great menu should convey your restaurant’s personality, be designed to achieve your restaurant’s goals, and ultimately salivate the taste buds of your guests. There’s a psychology to menu design that dictates color, composition, and pricing. A well-designed menu will appeal aesthetically to your customers and increase sales of your signature dishes. Add an interchangeable daily or weekly specials insert, along with a few sidekick menus to highlight your prime selection of alcoholic beverages with a happy hour promotion and deliciously gooey desserts. Don’t forget about a memorable experience for the kiddos too with a fun activity menu and matching cup. All of your menus look amazing and are ready to entice your patrons. But wait! Why stop there? Give your guests a take-out menu for future orders and offer your branded refrigerator magnet to go with it.


The little things matter too. You want to stamp your brand on almost every inch and surface throughout your restaurant to not only embed messages into hungry minds, but to maintain an appealing atmosphere. Great embellishing opportunities include coasters, table tents, napkins, cups, place mats, and more.


Your brand will echo throughout the interior and exterior of your restaurant with clear and creative wayfinding options, effective counter communication, signage, and overall visual appearance. Strategic placement of these designs in and out, will etch your brand into the minds of every customer. You will be advised on such details as tile selection, wall color and texture, flooring, furniture and fixtures, lighting, and other decor that will ultimately bring your restaurant brand to life within your space.


A vibrant and fresh website gives you the organized, clean, and solid web presence that you need to reach your customers and encourage them to visit your restaurant. The new design will tie together your services with a unique, user-friendly experience. Your custom-created website will be on a Webflow platform with the accessibility to manage and update your site yourself.


Professional, savory food photography will take your restaurant branding and marketing from average to awesome. Well-done food photography can help increase overall sales, bring in new customers, and expand the reach of your brand image. It’s imperative that your delicious food is used and styled in a manner that is appetizing and aligns with your overall brand direction. Food photography has the ability to activate consumers’ emotions, making them stop, look, and want to taste. A shot list of all foods and ingredients to include in the menu and other correspondence is required prior to conducting the food photo shoot. We will happily discuss shot and prop options and assist you with creating a shot list relevant with your brand. Now that we have a shot list in place, my incredible photographer will take care of the rest: props, food styling, photography and editing, delivering you a slew of irresistible images for multiple uses.


Employee apparel is an often-overlooked opportunity to expand the reach of your brand personality. Keeping staff apparel in line with your brand image makes a huge impact on the customer’s perception of your brand, and we can outfit your team from head to toe.


Creating branded merchandise is so much more than sticking your logo on a hat or shirt or apron. Let’s come up with a unique and memorable way to position your brand on merchandise and promotional products such as magnets, glassware, silverware, shot glasses, key chains, and so much more.

Restaurant Branding Checklist

Restaurant Branding is exciting, but getting people to sit down to your plates is really what running a restaurant boils down to. Once your brand is established and positioned, it’s time to generate interest and profits.

Private: Publication Design

Publication design service has authors, business owners, and families covered, literally from cover to cover with a variety of book design options including: novels, children’s books, cookbooks, poetry books, portfolios, product catalogs, fundraiser ad books, magazines, and family photo books. Book covers and layouts are strategically designed to not only reflect with the personality of your book, but will appeal to users to pick up and read.

Book layout design is arranged with precision and accuracy with:

Adequate margins so text is not too close to the edge of the page

Custom line spacing and font size

Limited hyphenation at line breaks

Words will not be left alone at the top or bottom of the page

Correct formatting of lines of text to not appear too tight or loose

Let’s get started to make your stories jump of the pages and intrigue your readers!


View full version here: 2016 NMZMBC 1st Music Ministry Concert Booklet


Book/Magazine Cover

1 concepts, 2 rounds of revisions.

Book/Magazine/Product Catalog Layout 

12 page minimum ~ 1 concept, 2 rounds of revisions. Cover included.


Program or Chapter Booklet

1 concept, 2 rounds of revisions, 8 page minimum.

Printed/Shipped ~ custom quote

Event Ticket

1 concept, 1 round of revisions.

Printed/Shipped ~ 2″ x 5.5″, perforated, 16pt matte finish, 1,000 full color, 2 sides.     $80

Portfolio Book

1 concept, 2 rounds of revisions, 8 page minimum.

About Kelly Cox Design


Hi! My name is Kelly Cox and I’m a self-employed, home-based graphic design freelancer in Yorktown, VA and co-owner of Pockets Billiards in Newport News. I provide a large variety of budget friendly services and styles to fit your design needs. I combine professionalism, accuracy, integrity, quality, dedication, pride, and passion and pour them into every new project.  I’m attentive to your needs to produce expressive design results in order to relay your mission and/or message to your target audience. I would love to meet you so let’s get started with a FREE Consultation to build a lasting relationship and grow together.

Coming soon! Kelly Cox Design will be transitioning to a whole new level of design and professionalism. In other words, I’m going to wipe this slate clean and have a fresh start to focus on my true potential and capabilities.
I went to college to learn the design tools, but I’ve been a self-starter in learning the business of design. After graduating in 2015, I have been conducting extensive research and learning new ways to improve my design business. I’m focusing on creating brand strategies and case studies. I’m in the development process of branding myself with a new name, building a much-improved official website, and producing emotionally enriched designs. I’m also reconstructing and reducing my list of services which will focus on the top 3 services businesses need: A branding identity style guide, a website, and promotional print/digital ad campaigns that consistently reflect your brand. 
A brand connects your message and/or product with an emotional experience for your target consumers. A logo is simply a mark to identify the brand. I will no longer create “just a logo” because a logo is NOT a brand. I will collaborate with you and/or your team to dig deeper into discovering who your consumers are and define who YOU are in order to provide effective solutions for the growth of your company.
I will keep this site up and will take in some work listed during this transitioning time. If you are looking for branding at this time, I will love to work with you. Thank you for your support!

Rates & Additional Fees

Rates ~ All service rates are customized based on the scope of work, estimated hours of completion, outsourcing creatives, and production/printing fees.

What to Expect ~ Kelly Cox Design schedules appointments for a free consultation to discuss a brief history about your business, your business goals, concept direction, your target audience, your budget, and deadline. I will provide details of my design process with an estimated range of cost for your project. Project estimates are voided 30 days after the consultation. After the free consultation, please advise with a decision of moving forward with a date to start. To proceed with my services, you will be emailed a standard agreement of terms and conditions, and a detailed proposal with a signature request of approval to begin. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon signing the proposal agreement. 25% will be due at 3/4 of project completion and the remaining 25% is due at NET30 of project completion. Final deliverables WILL NOT be given until balance is paid in full. Time-frames may vary 1-6 months based on the scope of each project.


Printing Orders ~ Clients are responsible for all printing costs, Kelly Cox Design will not be responsible for any printing errors at the fault of the printing company. $10 flat service fee is applied for organizing files and placing new print orders only. Several design services may require a lot of options/styles to choose from so please be helpful to research and save the options you like to use. The first hour of research is free, but afterwards, a $20 hourly rate will be applied to your total for time to research options for printing on materials with an abundance of options/styles to choose from such as: bags, mugs, magnets, pens, shirts, stickers, tags, elegant stationery, etc. Printing rates listed on this site are given to show an estimated cost for the design and printing of those items. All printing costs are subject to change.

Flash Drive ~ The size of the drive you need will be determined by the amount of data used in the project. You may provide your own drive at no charge. Provided drive fees:  1GB ~ $4     4GB ~ $7

Infinite Recognition ~ I want clients to succeed in their business ventures and personal events. All completed projects will remain within my portfolio and will continue to be updated with new projects in the future. New completed projects are also shared on Kelly Cox Design’s Facebook page which will redirect viewers back to my portfolio to view all design works.

Please view more in Kelly Cox Design’s Portfolio.

Call or email to schedule a free consultation with Kelly at 757-256-8835 or

You may also submit a design request here.


Logos and Branding


Door Hangers/Rack Cards

Restaurant Branding 


Spiritual Design

Apparel Design

All Occasion Celebration

CD/DVD Albums


For every referral that completes a design project, you will receive 10% commission applied to your next design order or receive a $10 gift card of your choice. Join my Refer Many Friends Program today and encourage others to succeed!




“I was referred to Kelly Cox by someone who recommended her as we discussed my displeasure with the treatment and slow service at the big stores and the lack of personal service with the online business card companies. As I was getting close to the start up date for my new business venture 1763 I was worried it would take too long and be troublesome. When I called Kelly she quickly set me up with an appointment and instructions of what to send her in advance of that meeting. When we met to go over the details she already had most of the work done and within a day she had sent me proofs for any corrections and approvals. When I made changes and sent her new ideas she quickly incorporated them perfectly to my specifications. My cards and banner are being printed as I write this and the whole process took about five days. Her prices are very competitive and beat the others that I had received quotes from. My experience with Kelly Cox Design was top notch and I am so glad we collaborated on my business project. I will definitely use her for future design work. Thank you Kelly!”                                                ~Mark D.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kelly Cox Design!!! I hired Kelly to design a word mark and logo for the brand development of my small business Stepless Ladders. I am overwhelmingly impressed with the results! I wanted the design to be completed in a very short time frame and Kelly completed in even less time than I originally asked for! Kelly has been VERY PROFESSIONAL, keeps great communication throughout the duration of the project, offers QUALITY work for affordable prices (compared to all of the other designers/companies that I attempted business with), and she digitally designed the exact logo that I communicated to her!!!! I have referred Kelly Cox Design to all of my business associates and I plan on using Kelly for my brand presentation needs (business cards & marketing materials) in the future! If you are skeptical (as was I) about doing business with any artists, you should take my advice and go with KELLY COX DESIGN!! 100% guaranteed satisfaction!”                                                      ~Olisha S.

“Kelly was awesome to work with, & extremely talented! I highly recommend her services. I look forward to working with her in the future.”                     ~Michelle A.

“Outstanding service, and excellent design! Kelly designed the fliers and booklets for our churches first music concert. We were on a tight timeline and needed 36 pages worth of design work done. Kelly exceeded every expectation and received numerous compliments from those in attendance. On a final note, what I appreciate most about Kelly is her character. There was a shipping issue (not on her part) that almost caused the booklets to arrive later than promised. Kelly resolved the issue and to ensure we would have booklets on the day of the event, she had another order of booklets printed just to make sure we had what we needed. Being in business myself, I know first hand that character is determined when things don’t go as planned and I can say without question hers Is through the roof! I would recommend her for any of your printing and design needs, she is awesome! Thank you again Kelly.”                                                                                             ~Dennis H.


“Kelly has done a wonderful job helping me get going…from designing my logo to business cards to my Facebook page to helping me promote my business…She is very friendly and very willing to work with clients on an individual basis for so many business needs…very recommended!”                                                            ~Daniel L.