New Business Owners: Get Inspired By Your Dream

Now is the time to use your God given gifts to open the doors to your successful future. Through my new business, Kelly Cox Design, I want to help guide you in the right direction to starting your new business venture(s). I’ve realized that anything is possible when you focus, become self-motivated, determined, research A LOT, take notes, take classes, learn everything about your gifts and what goals you want to reach, and be passionate about your business endeavors. I’m going to post inspirational videos to boost your confidence and post business related videos that will give you the tools or steps you need to run your new business. Of course, that’s not all….I will create and design everything you need to get started with your new branded logo, business cards, business forms, flyers, and so much more to get YOU PROFESSIONALLY NOTICED in your industry!

Let’s start things off with Steve Harvey’s explanation of how all of us are born with a unique gift! It’s up to you to choose to use it!


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